Playing with light – orbs

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Together with some Apertura colleagues, we had a new session “playing with light”.



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Last week during a storm a kitten chose our home to try to get some shelter against the weather.

He was very persistent and after several hours we finally gave in and let him in the house. The kids immediately loved him and within minutes he got a name : Jos.

After three days, Jos decided that our house was not his home and left.

As you can imagine the kids were hooked again on having a cat in the house so last Friday we got our own kitten again. He looks very similar to Jos.

After some discussions we gave him the same name as one of the little cats from the Disney classic the Aristocats, namely Toulouse.

Wild Cats in Quillan

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My daughters really like cats. When we spend some days in the neighborhood of Quillan, they immediatelly adopted a wild one.

Sunday @ Afro Latino 2011

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Thanks to Bart I was able to photograph the bands that played on Sunday at the Afro Latino festival.




La Tromba Kung-Fu

Meta & The Cornerstones

Salsa initiation @ the Salsa Palace


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I made a story board with the results of my shoot with Nele.
I tried to tell a story, just by the sequence of the images.
Enjoy 🙂

Paris – Père Lachaisse

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The cemetery Père Lachaisse is a very impressive place.

First of all it is very huge (more then 48 ha) but you can also find enormous tombs.

And of course several famous persons are burried or rebuired on this cemetery.

Tomb of James Morrision

Tomb of Edith Piaf

Tombs of Molière and La Fontaine


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We took the occasion of the long Pentecost weekend to visit Paris again. Our previous visit dated from 13 years ago so a new visit was long overdue.

Naturally we visited all the known monuments and landscapes but we also tried to have a different view on the city.

The Eiffel Tower

MontMartre and Sacre Coeur

Gallery Lafayette

Place de la Concorde

Pont Alexandre III

Metrostation La Cité